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Let's Make IT Easy for You and Your Patients - BizTechPro

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Application Layer

Stratum Corneum

Think of the stratum corneum as the skin’s superhero cape—it’s the outer layer that defends against the bad guys, aka external elements. Just like that, the Application Layer in the OSI Model is our digital shield, taking care of network services for us end-users.

Presentation Layer

Stratum Lucidum

Ever seen through translucent glasses? That’s our stratum lucidum in action! It’s like the Presentation Layer, styling data with translation, encryption, and formatting. Both are in the clarity business, whether making our skin glow or our data look sharp.

Session Layer

Stratum Granulosum

Meet the multitasker of the skin, stratum granulosum—it handles the transition from living to non-living cells. Likewise, the Session Layer in the OSI Model is the multitasker extraordinaire, managing digital get-togethers and connections between devices.

Transport Layer

Stratum Spinosum

Strength and stability? That’s our stratum spinosum, the backbone of the skin. And in the digital world, the Transport Layer is our tech backbone, ensuring data travels reliably between devices.

Network Layer

Stratum Basale

Deepest layer alert! Stratum basale in the skin is like the ninja of cell division. Over in the OSI Model, the Network Layer is the ninja too, handling logical addressing and routing to make sure different networks can chat.

Data Link Layer


The dermis is like the skin’s construction worker, providing solid support. Just like that, the Data Link Layer is the construction worker of the OSI Model, managing access and ensuring data reliably gets from point A to B.

Physical Layer


The hypodermis is the skin’s cozy blanket, providing insulation and cushioning. In tech terms, the Physical Layer is like the cozy blanket for devices, dealing with cables and hardware connections. Both are the hidden heroes supporting the layers above them!

Your Patients, Your Priority. Tech Challenges? Leave Them to Us.

Dermatology practices face daily tech hurdles, juggling secure patient records and smooth clinic operations. From software glitches to cybersecurity, it’s a digital balancing act. In this fast-paced field, even minor tech hiccups can throw off the groove of optimal patient care. Here’s how BizTechPro can make your practice smoother and more efficient:

Swift Tech Support

With tech support service, you get access to a team of IT professionals who are available to help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise. This can free up your in-house IT team to focus on more strategic initiatives, and ensure that any problems that do arise are quickly and efficiently resolved.

A full-service outsourced IT Department

We’ll take care of all the technical details so that you can focus on what you do best- taking care of your patients. We have a team of experienced IT professionals who can manage your entire tech stack, from hardware and software to cloud-based applications

Tailored Solutions for Dermatology Practices

Our solutions are crafted to align seamlessly with the structure and goals of your dermatology practice. Whether you're a small clinic or a growing enterprise, we take pride in supporting businesses of all sizes. Let's work together to design a budget-friendly solution that caters to your unique requirements, whether it's a one-time project or ongoing support. Your success is our priority.

Clients Review

Brian Esteves
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Fantastic IT support made easy, no hassle! They do everything you could ask for and more! We cannot even begin to explain how helpful they were for us and our business! 5 STARS!
Jed Levine
Read More
George and his team of IT professionals are not only highly responsive and informed, but also consistently dependable. They have made my work life much easier, and I am very appreciative.
Jocelyn Lieb
Read More
These are very smart IT people who work tirelessly to get the job done! No job too challenging. Our office opens very early and closes late and they are always available if needed urgently. If I could give more than 5 starts, I would! Highly recommend!
Francesca Avella
Read More
George and his team made it a seamless transition to get us up and running. The setup was quick and easy. Very professional and reliable if and when you need any assistance.
Michelle Ballane
Read More
BTP is a great company to work with. Super responsive. Always great technology solutions and recommendations. Technical support and their phone system is awesome.
Simon Papadopoulos
Read More
Highly recommend this company for all your VoIP systems and IT support. We've been working with them for over 5 years! Great service and highly skilled team.

You handle the patients, we'll take care of the tech

Investing in IT solutions is crucial for safeguarding your dermatology practice. BizTechPro offers tailored Managed IT Services, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and more to elevate your clinic’s efficiency and protect patient data.

Dermatology - Tailored Managed IT Solutions - BizTechPro

Dermatology-Tailored Managed IT Solutions

Revitalize your practice with our specialized Managed IT Services & Support, designed to cater to the unique needs of dermatology. Our seamless IT infrastructure provides a strong foundation, offering a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape of your field.

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

We safeguard your patient data with cutting-edge systems that evolve alongside the dynamic online landscape. Customized cybersecurity solutions designed specifically for the unique technology demands of dermatology

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions - BizTechPro

Streamlined Cloud Services for Dermatology

Explore the scalability and strength of cloud services with BizTechPro. Our committed team assists you from initial setup to continuous maintenance, optimizing the efficiency of your dermatology operations.

Strategic IT Consulting & Solutions

BizTechPro focuses on delivering customized IT solutions finely tuned for dermatology practices. Ensure that your technology not only meets but exceeds the unique needs of your practice, working harmoniously to elevate your operational excellence.

Strategic IT Consulting and Solutions 2 - BizTechpro
Marketing and Printing - BizTechpro

Not Just IT: Explore Our Bonus Offerings in Marketing and Printing!

Propel your business with Local Marketing Services encompassing website design, SEO, paid ads, and social media. Harness the power of local marketing for organic promotion and budget-friendly advertising.

Unlock the advantages of Managed Print Services for efficient and cost-effective printer management, from toners to repairs. BizTechPro’s Print Management Program guarantees significant savings, cutting printing costs by up to 40%.

Who are our services for?

It's a good thing our services are tailored for Dermatology practices exclusively!

Discover the wonders of seamless technology integration designed exclusively for dermatologists, allowing you to focus on what you love – your patients. BizTechPro caters to dermatology and cosmetic practices, both small and large, across the state of New York.

Do you need at least one- or maybe all of these?

Technology Integration

Custom IT solutions to meet the unique demands of your dermatology practice.

Efficiency and Productivity

Enhance operational efficiency and productivity through optimized IT and Managed Service Provider (MSP) processes.


Future-proof your practice with scalable solutions to accommodate business growth and expansion.


Ensure robust data security with BizTechPro’s advanced cybersecurity measures, safeguarding sensitive patient information.


“We work with customers in every industry and look forward to working with you. It is our goal to completely understand how you operate your business so we can enable your success!”

George - Founder and CEO BizTechPro, Inc.


Industries That We Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’re here to help.

Business technology solutions are vital for companies of any industry, to maintain a competitive advantage. Digital business technology can help organizations be more efficient and effective in their operations. Additionally, business technology solutions can best help small businesses to reach their customers and provide them with the necessary information and services.

Business technology solutions also come in many different forms, depending on the specific needs of the organization. However, they all share a common goal: to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

At BizTechPro, you can find the IT services that you need for your business such as Managed IT Service and Support, Cybersecurity, Cloud Services, Business Intelligence, IT Consulting and Strategy, VoIP systems, and Local Marketing. Business technology solutions companies such as us can deliver custom service packages under your preference and company need. Company IT needs differ from one another from time to time.

As the world of business changes, so too does the technology that businesses rely on. New technologies are constantly emerging and evolving, which can be both exciting and daunting for businesses. However, by keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in business technology, businesses can give themselves a competitive edge.

Some examples of cutting-edge business technology that BizTechPro offers include:

Manage IT Services & IT Support
Cloud services
Business Intelligence
IT Consulting and Strategy, and:
Local Marketing

The services listed above are great options for any type of business. BizTechPro is experienced in handling companies that are in the education, finance, legal, real estate, construction, and healthcare industries. Business technologies aim to help your business run smoothly through automation and lessen human factor errors. Therefore, as a business owner, you’ll be assured of your web’s safety while focusing on sales.

Technology has always been a significant driver of business growth. By automating processes and tasks, businesses can increase efficiency and productivity. Technology can also help companies to reduce costs and increase profitability. Additionally, technology can enable businesses to collect and analyze data more quickly, helping them to make more informed decisions and better manage their operations.

The answer to this question depends on the specific needs of each business. However, some general trends can be observed in terms of which technologies are being adopted by businesses of all sizes. Small business technology should be able to resolve any organization’s needs.

One trend is the move towards cloud-based solutions. This is because cloud-based solutions offer several advantages over traditional on-premise software, including increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. In contrast, another trend is the increasing adoption of mobile technologies. This is because mobile devices offer some advantages over desktop computers, including increased flexibility and portability.

In general, businesses are moving towards more integrated and resilient IT infrastructure to stay competitive. By harnessing the latest technologies, companies can gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

The benefits of business technology are many and varied, but can be broadly grouped into four main categories:

Improved efficiency and productivity

By automating processes and tasks, businesses can free up time and resources that can be better spent on other areas. In addition, having access to real-time data and analytics can help businesses make more informed decisions, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced customer experience

Technology can be used to improve the customer experience in several ways, from providing 24/7 self-service options to personalizing communications.

Increased sales and revenue

When used effectively, technology can help businesses boost their top-line numbers by generating new sales spending on online selling platforms, or upsell/cross-sell features on websites can help drive revenue growth.

Reduced costs

Businesses can use technology to lower their costs in many ways, from automating repetitive tasks to reducing paper usage. strategists will maximize local marketing within your business area. Local marketing will increase the potential word-of-mouth advertisement where you can save advertising costs. Include local marketing on your business technology solution to keep your business at the top of your game.