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Save up to 40% with our Manage Print Program

Experience hassle-free print management with BizTechPro. We uncover hidden expenses, optimize performance, and ensure security for your documents. Focus on your success - try us today!

Ninety percent of all print environments are not managed efficiently, and companies spend around 1-3% of their total revenue on office printing. Printing ranks as the third highest office expense within an organization, accounting for numerous IT support calls each month.. On average, four prints are made for every one original document.

Moreover, around 60% of companies surveyed reported data breaches involving printers. In light of these challenges, BizTechPro’s Print Management Program offers substantial savings of up to 40% on printing costs for businesses. The program uncovers and controls hidden expenses, simplifies printer management, and ensures seamless operations. Toner supply replenishment, printer repairs, and other related issues, providing a hassle-free and optimized printing experience. The program also implements optional robust security measures to protect documents and data, providing businesses with peace of mind. With efficient printing management, companies can focus on critical matters and enjoy cost efficiency and enhanced security.

Save upto 40 percent - BizTechPro

Our Printer Management Solutions

Toner Management

Our team ensures seamless printing operations by promptly replenishing toner supplies automatically at no cost, saving businesses the hassle of dealing with sudden toner shortages.

Printer Repairs

When printers encounter issues, our expert technicians promptly provide efficient same day repair services, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth printing operations.

Printer Parts Management

We ensure optimal printer performance, the company sources and manages printer parts effectively, guaranteeing that printers remain in excellent working condition.

Printer and Copier Solutions

BizTechPro adeptly handles various printer and copier-related issues, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Active User Support

Our dedicated user support team promptly addresses user-related printing issues, ensuring users can efficiently handle their printing tasks.

Uncover the Benefits of Our Managed Print Services

Experience enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our Managed Print Services. Unlock the full potential of our services and explore the top benefits we offer:

Simple Cost Per Page Model

Our Managed Print Program offers a transparent and straightforward pricing model, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for each page printed.

Eliminates Capital Expenditures and Leases

Say goodbye to hefty upfront costs and leasing hassles; we provide new printers/copiers using OEM toner without the burden of ownership.

Right-Size Your Printing Fleet as Your Business Changes... Flexibility:

With our program, you can easily adjust your printing fleet to match your evolving business needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

One Detailed Bill Encompassing All Print Costs

Excluding Paper and Staples: Enjoy the convenience of a single, comprehensive bill that covers all your printing expenses, making budgeting and accounting hassle-free.

Nationwide On-Site Service

We offer on-site support across the nation, so you can rest assured that your printing equipment will be taken care of promptly and efficiently.

Accurate Page Count Collection and Automatic Toner Replenishment

Our cutting-edge e PatrolTM technology accurately monitors your printing usage and automatically replenishes toner, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Experience the efficiency, flexibility, and savings with our Managed Print Program – a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for all your printing needs.

Uncover the Benefits of Our Managed Print Services - BizTechPro

How Do We Manage The Unseen Factors In Document Expenses?

Gain clarity and control over your document-related expenses with our expert approach to unseen factors. Our comprehensive Document Expense Management process ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness at every step. Let us guide you through the following proven steps to optimize your printing infrastructure and reduce unnecessary costs:

Step 1


We meticulously identify all devices within your printer infrastructure to reveal any existing issues and inefficiencies.

Step 2


With utmost security, we proactively monitor your print infrastructure, capturing essential data on meter readings, supplies replenishment, and maintenance matters.

Step 3


Collecting historical data over time, our BizTechPro Team provides data-driven recommendations for improvements and cost reductions.

Step 4


Continuing with ongoing analysis, we optimize your print infrastructure and consistently offer recommendations to enhance efficiency and reduce expenses.

Save Money and Boost Your Printing Productivity

Discover the efficiency, flexibility, and savings with our Managed Print Program. Let us handle the unseen factors in document expenses with our expert approach to Document Expense Management. Our proven steps ensure transparency and cost-effectiveness, optimizing your printing infrastructure.

Join us to Save Money and Boost Your Printing Productivity. We are here to get the best results for your company. Get started today and experience the benefits of our Managed Print Services.